Why SocialVoice?

Why let us solve your problems? Why trust us? Why be excited by us?

It’s simple really. SocialVoice is a team of people that have unrivalled experience and expertise at providing technology solutions to marketers. More importantly we’re passionate about helping you get inside the black box of video and the voice within. As engineers that are fascinated by solving problems, we couldn’t resist the challenge.


Our experience

SocialVoice may have been born from current needs in the world of influencer marketing but our ability to successfully solve these problems has been years in the making.

We’re not saying we are old but across the leadership team we have over 60 years experience of providing solutions to marketers globally.

Our expertise

Apart from being the author of numerous patents Allen, our CEO/CTO, is a chartered engineer, a Fellow of the British Computing Society, and Microsoft Regional Director. When not chained to his desk he can be found fixing broken things, playing music very badly or trying to shape things out of wood.

We may appear swan-like when it comes to customer success and operations but the person making sure that everything comes together for our clients is our COO, Rory O’Kane. It’s his team that’s paddling hard below the surface to create a great customer experience.

If you want to talk to someone that understands your world and the business problems you face then just get in touch with our CRO, Nicholas Greig. He’s been the point person for marketing and agency clients for over 25 years and still lives to tell the tale!

Our engaged customers


We are so impresed by the team , and the groundbreaking technology that they have developed, that we don't only use the product, we also invested in the company. That's how confident we are...

- Mark Smith

Chairman Merit Technology PLC

stars stars stars stars stars stars

Meet the team!

Gena crazy dev nerd 🤓

Doggos of SocialVoice!

We are a proud #RemoteFirst #DogFirst company, so lets say hello to the Doggos behind the team!


Escape artist extraordinaire and loves chasing stones on the beach. Loves our grub, not so much her own!


Superpower: Loves to howl like a wolf at the ice-cream van

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Favorite things: Loves belly rubs and cheese, just not at the same time thank you :)


This lovable furball will make you laugh, cuddle you to sleep, and chase your squirrels away!


Ted likes nothing better than daily zoomies around the garden followed by a afternoon-long snooze!


Eli’s favorite thing of all time is playing ball, in particular, they have to be leather rugby balls - nothing else will do!

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When not practicing his sky-diving moves, Senór Ratón Mouse spends his time hunting dangerous fluffy toys around the apartment.


Tracking lizards and hedgehogs is a typical pastime for Ukrop. And when he sees a squirrel on a tree, a real madness begins.