• Social Voice

    We unbox the true voice of influencers

  • Analyse an influencer's past activity...

    every video, every frame, word by spoken-word

  • Helping you

    Recruit faster and with greater confidence


We unbox what social influencers have said at a scale and speed that no one has ever achieved before.


Why is this important?

Because until now influencers are recruited for campaigns based on scant searches of meta data or very recent videos.

Closes dangerous gaps in current influencer recruitment processes

Tells you everything that's ever been said in influencer videos, word for word.

Unrivalled scale of influencer search

Enhances quality and success of influencer campaigns

Covers TikTok, YouTube and Instagram

Reporting that makes recruitment decisions easier and faster

The Problem Today

There are gaps and risks in your influencer recruitment processes.

Until now, it’s been impossible to view and hear everything an influencer has ever said quickly – and at scale. Your current influencer recruitment decisions are based on cumbersome manual searches, metadata like hashtags, likes and comments as well as the written word.

The fact is that the influencers you are looking to recruit are voice and social video first, and we know the dangers of this. A missed phrase or opinion can easily cause damage to your campaign, your brand and your client.

SocialVoice solves these problems and prevents these risks.

SocialVoice solves these problems and prevents these risks.

The SocialVoice

Analyse all of an influencer's past activity: every video, frame and spoken-word across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

Unrivalled scale of search

Verify that an influencer will add value to your campaign through factors such as subject specialism and quality of content.

In depth analysis of an influencer’s past activity

Make the right recruiting decisions based on unrivalled safety metrics within the Influencer Integrity Report.

Influencer safety metrics you can trust and act on

The amount of time spent searching an influencer’s social video history, making recruitment judgements and producing insightful reports.

Fast and easy to use

Find the influencers that will add the greatest value to your campaigns through analysis of empathy, consistency, authenticity, profanity and brand synergy.

Analyses sentiment, tone, values

Uncover and listen to the red flags that would have been missed by only analysing text, comments and manually searching through an influencer’s recent video history.

Pinpoints red flags within the video